Buying a RC Car

I have recently decided to enter the fascinating hobby of RC Cars, back many years ago when I was a kid I used to build a race Tamiya model RC Cars, these days unfortunately most RC Cars come pre-assembled which in my eyes takes away some of the fun and enjoyment.

I have spent my days looking online for the best car, firstly I was looking a Nitro RC Cars, these look fast, powerfully noisy and I would have no battery concerns. The downsides are that fuel is rather expensive, some £25+ per gallon, secondly they require lots of on going maintenance due to the nature of the Nitro engines – you need for example spare glow plugs which often fail. Further more is the starting equipment which consists of a electric glow starter and electric start. I took the decision early on that is is quite involved and not for me.

nitro rc car
nitro rc car

Next, looking at the electric rc cars instantly I could see these where much more easy to run and maintain. All you need to do is connect the battery and away you go!

There are two types of electric motor found in the cars:

Brushless Motor – The most expensive, but very efficient and very powerful which converts to speed.

Brushed Motor – Cheapest option, less efficient and less speed. Also the brushes are wearing parts and need replacing from time to time.

There are also two types of battery pack found in the cars:

NI-MH - Old school these days, but good entry level batteries that can be charged in 30 minutes.

LI-PO – More expensive, but much more efficient and much more powerful giving great performance from your RC Car. They do take longer to charge but well worth it.

electric rc car
electric rc car

So to conclude I decided that the best option was to spend a little more than I wanted but to go for a RC car that came with a brushless motor and LIPO battery fitted as standard so I didn’t have an expensive upgrade in the future. The car I bought was the HSP XSTR PRO version bought from here:

Weeks later I am really happy with this model car and its given me and my son hours of entertainment.

iPhone 6+ Review

So you want the crème de la crème, the best of the best- you want the iPhone 6 Plus? Two thumbs-up for you!  So why in the world did they add a  ‘+’ to it?

iphone 6 plus review
iphone 6 plus review

Size is everything; isn’t it?

With a gigantic screen that measures 5.5” diagonally, the 6+ has a massively large screen. Yet does it’s large screen offset its drawbacks: more power sappage, less portable and unwieldly in one hand?

Until the iPhone 6 came out, Apple was always rather conservative regarding the size of its screens. So now with the 5.5 inch display, it really does merit adding a ‘plus’ to the model’s name.

However, now it’s a question of being able to hold the smartphone in one hand, not to mention being able to wield and use it. It’s almost to the point now where unless you play in the NBA or WNBA, your hand won’t be large/long enough to use the iPhone 6+ with one hand; in essences, you’ll have a mini-mini  iPad. Compared to the iPhone 5, it’s just….well, awkward. Even after you get used to the phone’s larger size, if you are not a first-time iPhoner, you’ll no doubt miss the ‘wieldability’ of your previous iPhone.

And now, let’s talk about ‘pocketability’ : the iPhone 6+ is certainly a little tougher to slide into your pocket in comparison with its predecessors. You can still slip it into you side pocket, gracias to its thin design, but it’s a tight fit. 

But really, why the ‘+’ ?

There not really much of a difference between the two iPhone 6’s, except that it’s…well, bigger (14% wider than the first model). They are both thinner and more curvy (with rounded edges) than their predecessors. In other words, their shapes are exactly the same; it’s just that the Plus is larger.

Of course, you also get 401ppi with the iPhone 6+ (the iPhone 6 sans ‘+’  only offers 326ppi). That’s the largest pixel density on any apple device, equal to a 1080p display- the same as what an HD television offers.

You also gotta love the feature, ‘Display Zoom’, which allows you to change the view of your screen so that it would appear as if on a smaller iPhone, yet zoomed in.

Come on…no negative comments?

Well, first and foremost, the biggest drawback of the iPhone 6+ (or is it 6 Plus?) is quite simply…..the cost. You are really just paying out of the ying-yang for the namebrand. Don’t get me wrong- the iPhone 6+ is a great smartphone, but common sense has to make you pause and ponder if this model is cost-effective, and you need to have a think about whether or not it’s the best phone for you; even if you do want an iPhone (because let’s not forget- you can still get older models which are also great phones, at a better price).

And then we come to the topic of the iPhone’s (new) kryptonite (now that the Plus offers you a larger screen): batttery life. Simply put, there are quite a few Android phones out there that can jump off the porch and run with the big dog (Apple), yet offer a longer battery life. However, the battary will get the job down. All we can do is hope that Apple solves this drawback with the next model / generation.


Yes the iPhone 6 plus is a beauty but if you drop it boy will you know about it, you will need a iPhone screen repair before you know it. The screen on this particular model looks very fragile and if your prone to dropping things then id stay away from this one.



  • Great 4.7-inch screen
  • Really nice all-purpose camera
  • Top-notch performer with all smartphone functions
  • Cool new software features


  • Expensive (!)
  • Battery life doesn’t match that of rivals’ smartphones

iPhone 6 Review

It’s 2014 and my, how times have changed. 4” display screens are now so….2010; passé ; budget smartphon-esque. Nowadays your flagship handset needs to be BIG, and not just with a capital ‘B’ ; it needs to be with a capital ‘B-I-G’ . With a 4.7” screen, the iPhone 6 has finally put to rest the argument that iPhones are inferior to certain Android models just because their screens are smaller.

iphone 6 review
iphone 6 review

Obviously, the iPhone 6 has everyone talking about its new screen size, yet with its super-slim design, faster processor combined with the new iOS 8, this new machine has a lot more to show off under the hood, and heaven forbid- no matter how much you love the larger screen, don’t simply judge this book by its cover.

Introductions, please

As you can guess, the iPhone 6 is wonderful smartphone, yet being wonderful in the smartphone department, with the quality of competition that is found on the market nowadays, just doesn’t cut it anymore. And speaking about the competition, namely from the Android phones, not only are they competitive but also much more cost-effective.

Yet how is it different from the previous generation (iPhone 5 series)? What does it have that the iPhone 5S doesn’t, and hence was sent to the scrap heap along with its obsolete predecessors? Let’s have a look.

One aesthetic change you’ll find made in the jump from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6 is the subtraction of the machine-aluminum edges. With the new iPhone 6, you get soft curves and seamless joints. All in all, it’s quite a sleek machine to have in the palm of your hand.

The really cool detail about the iPhone 6 is that it gives you the impression that it was hewn from a single slab of metal and glassed- it’s quite fab, really- especially with its space-gray finish when the screen is sleeping.

Size isn’t everything; but it’s not bad, either

Yes, the iPhone 6 is larger, yet you almost don’t realize it in the palm of your hand. It is also definitely  much slender and lighter (129g); thumbs-up with that! The thumbs-down? If you have smaller hands, it might be a bit tough to reach the top corners on the display, yet that won’t be a deal-breaker for you.

Now, if you are really hesitant to go with an iPhone 6 due to its new size, Apple has come up with a possible solution to assist you, and as usual, it’s quite an elegant solution. If you double-tap on the home button, the entire top of the screen will roll down, allowing your thumb to reach everything that a moment before was stuck in those tough-to-reach corners.

Another feature that Apple has changed/implemented is putting the power button on the right edge of the handset. The reality is that with it’s larger height, it’s quite difficult for users to switch off the handset with a single hand.

Pro vs. Con Time

It has to be mentioned that the iPhone 6 is neither water- nor dust-resistant, which is a shame, but it’s certainly a great phone and if you go with this model, you won’t be disappointed in the least. The biggest gripe you will hear yourself uttering is when you look at the price tag- hopefully you won’t mutter and curses while your eyeballs pop out of their sockets. You are paying for the flagship headset of a top namebrand, so you should not be totally shocked; but the price WILL still sadly come to you as a surprise.

To give a final verdict regarding its size and design, the iPhone is an all-around great handset. What can’t be overlooked is that this smartphone is also great for long hours of use, be it gaming or surfing the web; it’s elegant and ergonomic at the same time.



  • Really nice 7-inch screen
  • effective all-around/all-purpose camera
  • top-notch performance
  • New software that really enhances user experience
  • Not cheap(!)
  • Battery doesn’t match battery life of most rivals


  • Not cheap(!)
  • Battery doesn’t match battery life of most rivals

Principal specs: Apple A8 processor; 4.7” screen;  iOS 8; 128GB in storage space; NFC;  Touch ID


iPhone 5s Review

Highly regarded as one of the top smartphones on the market, and even preferred by some (or quite a few, depending on who you ask) to the iPhone 6 which bumped it from its perch as Apple’s flagship handset, the iPhone 5s a great phone and desirable for many good reasons.

iphone 5s review
iphone 5s review

Why? Read on and we’ll give you all the juicy details.

Size and Design

Although its 4” screen leaves its lagging behind the contemporary competition, it is still an excellent display- colorful, bright and responsive; not to mention- fast! With its aluminum frame that gives it a top-quality and solid feel, it still feels quite light in your hand.

And let’s be honest- the 4” screen makes this powerful machine easily pocket-able; and once it’s in your pocket, it’s very easy to forget that it’s even there- a wonderful size and weight for any smartphone.

How about performance?

Not much to say in this department, other than it’s faster than a speeding bullet/ Superman, and extremely reliable. Google Maps can give it the hiccups once in awhile, but rarely.

The iOS isn’t a super system and does have limits- android devices are must more customizable. What is a plus for the Apple iOS on the 5s is that unlike what often occurs with Android devices, you won’t see a slowing down performance-wise after downloading an app.

In fact, it’s actually the Apple app store that causes you to go ga-ga for the iOS. We’re almost in 2015, yet the reality is that Apple apps are still generally of better quality.

And who can forget about the camera(s)? This apparatus/ device has become so fundamental on smartphones that some models out there seem to be more camera then phone. The 5s’ camera is better than decent- heck it’s good; just not the best on the market.

Having said that, the 5s does offer a camera that functions brilliantly in low-light conditions, which give your photos a much more realistic look. The 120fps slo-mo vid function is sweet, too.
Cool ‘Sets-Apple-Apart’ Feature

What’s quite possibly the coolest feature on the 5s? Well, it’s elementary, Mr. Watson- Touch ID. Apple has come out with a fingerprint scanner that is set on the home button- allowing you to unlock your phone with requesting a password. Yes, it is a luxury and certainly bumps up the price tag; but it’s so cool AND convenient!

The Limtus Test: Battery Life

Regarding stamina, the the battery life of the 5s is…….good, but not great. If you’re frugal like a Boy Scout, you can squeeze two full days out of your iPhone 5s sans recharging, yet that means no gaming or intensive app use. In other words, if you do any of the aforementioned activities, you will need to recharge you iPhone overnight.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, on a day-to-day basis, the 5s gets the job done, doing everything you ask it to. There are Android phones out there that outshine the iPhone 5s in a few individual categories, but not in overall design and performance. Probably the biggest drawback? It’s smallish 4” screen. However, if you want the iOS with a big screen, you can just skip the fifth generation and go straight to the iPhone 6.


  • Touch ID (!)
  • Awesome performance
  • wonderful all-round camera
  • Extremely light and comfy in a single hand


  • Battery life: less stamina than other (Android) smartphones out there and the 4” screen is a big drawback in this day and age of 5” + smartphones

iPhone 5c Review

Once the flagship handset of Apple, it didn’t take long for Apple to come out with the iPhone 5s and ease (or rather, drop?) the iPhone 5 into its new role of ‘mid-range iPhone headset’. What’s more, they simultaneously came out with a ‘plastic’ iPhone: the 5c. Reknown for its colorful look and a wee bit cheaper than the iPhone, the iPhone 5c is, in Apple’s own words, ‘unashamedly plastic’ and also a great mid-range phone in its own right.

iphone 5c review
iphone 5c review

Right after the company had launched the iPhone 5 in 2012, iPhone fans were calling for a low-cost cousin of this latest model. In fact, analysts even suggested that Apple needed a more price tag-friendly model so as to combat market saturation.

Even though Apple raged (in their own way) that ‘cheaper’ would never be used to describe one of their portable devices, in the end the 5c was launched right along with the iPhone 5s; many took the ‘c’ to mean ‘cheap’ (!). However, you wouldn’t get that impression in the least if you were to look at the price tag.

What is surprising is that quite a few people have labeled the iPhone 5c a flop, when that’s not the case; not in the least bit.  Sales data would seem to agree with this statement, since the 5c has had the best growth rate of all mid-range handsets since Apple put it on the market.

Design & Build

The plastic dorsal of the 5c is a massive exit from the aluminum, steel and glass design  that the company has always utilized since the advent of the iPhone 4. In fact, the 3Gs also had a plastic dorsal, so it seems as if the iPhone is regressing in this department.

However, Apple has shown that plastic doesn’t need to be derided as cheap by the fashionistas. Hewn from a single piece of plastic, it is impossible to find a single seem or joint in this design. The plastic design allows for rounded edges, which feel much more comfortable in one’s hand.

Inside the plastic case you’ll find  frame that is steel-enforced. With this metal frame, the 5c feels firm in your hand; it also kills two birds with one stone by serving as a extra antenna (adios, Antennagate)

The plastic exterior gives you a a hard coating of lacquer, which is both durable and glossy; certainly up to scratch.

And the specs? Let’s see how the 5c weighs in:

  • 124mm x 59.2mm x 8.97mm
  • 132g
  • available in white, blue, green, yellow and pink

Time to open up the hood

Okay- so now you know all about this book’s cover; how about what’s inside? In essence, the 5c is a feature-packed handset, yet much of what you find on the inside has been borrowed from the iPhone 5.

The frontal camera is great for the facetime app, and actually an improvement from the iPhone 5’s, regarding low-light visibility. As for the main camera on the back, you’ll find an 8mp sensor with 3264×2448 resolution, with a 5-element lens, hybrid IR filter and f/2.4 aperture, just like the iPhone 5.

All in all, it’s a good camera. In fact, you will notice the difference in comparision with previous iPhone generations. In reality, it’s the exact same camera (regarding photo and video) that you will find in the iPhone 5.

If we talk about the display screen, we’ll find that the 5c features a 4” Retina display, rather than the 3.5” of its predecessors. Since it’s 176p (pixels) taller, that translates as 16:9 aspect ratio- identical to an HDTV.

The 4” display could have been designed larger, yet it is nice to comfortably hold the phone in one’s hand and have one’s thumb able to reach all parts of the display.

And with a 326ppi display, the images are wonderfully crisp, with a 1136×640 resolution.

Moment of Truth: How about the battery life?

Apple claims that the 5c’s battery is larger and lasts longer than that of its cousin, the iPhone 5. This supposedly translates as ten extra hours of surfing  with wifi/LTE or eight hours on 3G; along  with 10 hours for video playback and 40 hours of audio.

Final Thoughts?

If you are a big Apple fan, or just want to see what the fuss is all about, the 5c is a nice economical smartphone. It’s far from perfect, and there are Android phones out there that top it in certain categories, but there is no doubt you will be satisfied with its performance if you go with this model.


  • Feels good in your hand; single-hand user-friendly
  • wide range of colors
  • less sticker-shock than the iPhone 5S’ price tag
  • You might not find a color of your liking in this series of colors
  • Not as inexpensive as was expected (!)
  • Doesn’t have Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • Already obsolete, with the iPhone 6 now on the market


  • You might not find a color of your liking in this series of colors
  • Not as inexpensive as was expected (!)
  • Doesn’t have Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • Already obsolete, with the iPhone 6 now on the market

A Review of the iPhone 5

Well then, you have an itch buy yourself another? iPhone, eh? Can’t decide between all the choices?

Welcome to the club.

iphone 5 review
iphone 5 review

Besides a few limitations regarding its 4G service, the iPhone 5 is still a top-notch phone, and in all honestly, actually better than the model that replaced it- the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5 was the king of Apple smartphones at the end of 2012, but that didn’t last very long- it was soon sent to the obsolete heap by the 5S and then even replaced as Apple’s midrange handset by the 5C. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great phone.

Size and Weight

Taller, thinner and lighter; that pretty much sums up the iPhone 5. Weighing in at 112g, it’s 28g lighter than its predecessor and 1.4mm thinner.  Probably the biggest reason for the new size is because the iPhone 5’s screen is larger at 4 inches (16:9 aspect ratio). So while both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 have the same screen width, the taller screen improves its resolution, which weighs in at 326ppi.
Higher Resolution = more info on each app

And everybody wants that, right? You’ll have more room to see in each app, larger icons to tap (and not mis-tap) and everything will be sans fuzz. Another cool detail is that now you can have five rows on your app screen, rather than only four, as found on an iPhone 4.

What’s more, typing in portrait mode is much more simple now, since there is more room above the virtual keyboard.  Its higher resolution also allows you to see what you type better.

The Display

A noticeable difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, besides the weight difference, is the display. The iPhone 5’s screen shows off brilliant and dazzling colors in super clear resolution. Which is what you want if you going to watch movies or TV shows on your iPhone.

What’s important to note is that even though more and more Android phones offer full 720p displays, they normally have a bigger screen yet a lower ppi.


The Final Weigh-In

Obviously, you did not wait outside the Apple Store for two days straight hoping to get your hands on the latest iPhone on the market; otherwise you would not be reading this article doing research  on the iPhone 5.

In reality, it’s quite difficult to complain much about the iPhone 5 (other than the fact it was replaced way too soon).

If you have the chance to pick up and weigh both an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, you will notice that the extra 28g shaved off the iPhone 5 makes a noticeable difference.   It’s also much easier to type and use app functions with its larger screen.

Although some android phones do have larger screens than than the iPhone 5, with them you will see a drop-off in ppi as well as resolution. What’s more, the larger your smartphone, the harder it is to pocket it or find a suitable place for it in your bag.

It’s no longer possible purchase a brand-new iPhone 5, yet you can get them second-hand. If you’re hunting for an economic option in the iPhone market, this is the one for you.